Leonardo DiCaprio Gets His Freak On In New Film

August 29, 2012 By:
Leonardo DiCaprio Gets His Freak On In New Film

Kate Winslet had to strip down in Titanic, and now it’s Leo’s turn…

For his new project The Wolf of Wall Street, Leonardo DiCaprio will pull out all the stops, incorporating everything that your mother warned you about… That includes, the actor baring it all in the bedroom.

New York’s Daily News reports that Leo will strip down for a sex scene in the film. But when we say “sex scene,” we mean stripping down to nothing but his socks. (And maybe those too!)

An insider from the production spoke to the source about the raunchy scene….

“There will be some pretty illicit sex scenes coming up,” an insider told the Daily News. “It involves four guys and two girls.”

Sorry, folks… Leo will only appear in one-on-one encounters…

Also equating for a good portion of the film’s sure-to-be R rating is a plethora of drug use, from uppers to downers to everything in between…

“Leo has a scene coming up where he is completely out of his mind on drugs with the other brokers,” the source said. “Cocaine and Quaaludes will be a big part of the movie.”

Baby laxative with be substituted for actual drugs…

Directed by auteur Martin Scorsese, The Wolf of Wall Street follows the true-life tale of Jordan Belfort - played by Leo – who is a corrupt and drug-addicted stockbroker and eventually landed in prison, set in the dirty, dirty environment of Wall Street.

Co-stars in the film include big names like Jonah Hill and Matthew McConaughey, who will be looking older and skinnier as he preps for his part in AIDS film, The Dallas Buyer’s Club.

The film started shooting this past weekend. After finishing up with its midtown locales this week, the company will set up shop at a Hamptons estate later this month.

The Wolf of Wall Street is expected in theaters in 2013.