Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively Take Romance to Italy

May 23, 2011 By:
Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively Take Romance to Italy

Speaking of attractive people dating each other, newly Single Leo DiCaprio and Blake Lively were spotted together at Cannes Film Festival acting like a couple and “hugging on a yacht”! You know what that means...(singing) Blake and Leo hugging on a yacht. First comes love, then comes marriage…

The Cannes Festival might have ended, but their romance didn’t as both headed to Portofino, Italy on Sunday for some sightseeing.

According to super top secret sources, they "seemed happy in each other's company" and they were "laughing and walking" together.

All the rumors started back in November when the two met up for dinner in NYC to discuss a film project.

I just did a low-key IMDB stalk and if my internet skills are correct, the duo aren’t set to star in any movies together. At least nothing that’s official on the interwebz yet. In Hollywood, “talking about a movie project” is normal people’s code for “fancy booty call.”

One thing that’s certain is that Leo has a type. Leo left supermodel (Bar Refaeli) for a CW starlet (Blake Lively), which is essentially the same thing. Have you seen Ed Westwick’s bone structure? Gossip Girl is the prettiest show on television.

Bar Refaeli was also in attendance at Cannes, dancing and posing for photos with her model friends, apparently trying too hard to make Leo jealous? I guess Leo was busy “talking about a movie project” on that yacht with Blake to notice.