Leo DiCaprio Signs On To Play Ex-Hitman

January 8, 2009 By:
Leo DiCaprio Signs On To Play Ex-Hitman

Leonardo DiCaprio is working nonstop these days, and has just signed on for a new project.

It’s called Beat The Reaper, based on the novel by Josh Bazell, about an ER doctor in New York who used to be a mob hitman. Crazy storyline!

Leo’s character gets found out by a mobster who enters the hospital and recognizes him from his “former life.”

Leo’s company Appian Way will produce the film. Negative reviews are already surfacing on the web that the film sounds just like A History of Violence. What do you think?

Beat The Reaper is one of two movies Leo has in pre-production right now. The other one is called Akira, which is a remake of a Japanese film set in a post-apocalypse New Tokyo. It’s half live-action, and half anime. Talk about two totally different genres of films!

But we’re always happy to get to the theater whenever Leo’s in the movie. He never disappoints!