Here’s the Movie Leonardo DiCaprio Banned Anyone from Seeing

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Here’s the Movie Leonardo DiCaprio Banned Anyone from Seeing
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In 1995, pre-Titanic fame, Leonardo DiCaprio was in an independent film called Don’s Plum. Have you heard of it?

The black and white movie was shot in an LA diner from ’95 to ’96 and was mostly an experimental exercise for talents including Tobey Maguire, Kevin Connolly, Jeremy Sisto and Jenny Lewis.

It centered around a group of wayward teens and painted Leo in a drastically different, more repulsive light than his Titanic image—throwing around insults, degrading women, and spouting off the “C” word.



But it never made it to audiences in the U.S. due to litigation brought on by Leo and Tobey who said they thought they had an agreement with the director that they weren’t shooting something for a theatrical release.

Get a preview of why exactly here:


The director fired back, saying the two actors didn’t want their fans to see the film because it mirrored their lives too closely at the time.

The compromise was that it could receive a marginal overseas release, but remained banned in America. If you feel so inclined, you can watch the entire movie as uploaded on YouTube here.