Happy Birthday Leonardo DiCaprio! A History of Leo's Hottest Hookups

November 12, 2011 By:
Happy Birthday Leonardo DiCaprio! A History of Leo's Hottest Hookups

Today Leonardo DiCaprio turns 37, and he took advantage of his bachelor status by ringing in his birthday with Victoria's Secret models.

DiCaprio hit up with Victoria's Secret Fashion Show after party on Wednesday night, where he was reportedly romancing model Karlie Kloss. The man loves models. He's dated his fair share of them, and considering the fact that Blake Lively looks like one; I think it's safe to say Leo has a type.

To celebrate another year of having Leonardo DiCpario to look at, we took a look back at his many loves. And there were a lot of them. So we've narrowed it down to Leonardo DiCaprio's hottest hookups. And here they are:

Bobbie Brown: No, Leo didn't hook up with Whitney Houston's man, he hooked up with the other Bobbie Brown. Leo was rumored to briefly date the actress/model in the early nineties. Brown was best known for her role in Warrant's music video for Cherry Pie.

Bridget Hall: Leonardo DiCaprio dated the Sports Illustrated supermodel briefly in 1994. I like how we're calling it "dating because they're famous, when we all really know what this was about: a good, old-fashioned hookup! The Sun claimed that Leo "took supermodel Bridget Hall’s virginity at the Royalton Hotel and that Hall found the night `disappointing.`"

Claire Danes: Awe, remember how cute Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes were in Romeo + Juliet in 1996? Well, apparently they thought they'd make a cute couple in real life, too, because they got together during filming in 1995. The relationship ended almost a year later.

Kristen Zang: Kristen was one of Leo's first full-blown, red carpet relationships. Leonardo dated the model in 1996, and they split a year later after being one of those on/off couples.

Linnea Dietrichson: Leonardo picked up the tall, blonde British actress at Hanover Grand nightclub and took her to his place in 1997. "He looked flabby and pale," says Linnea. "He was drunk and fumbling. It lasted 5 minutes, then Leo fell asleep."

Amber Valletta: Here's how they met, it's very romantic. In 1998, Leonardo DiCaprio saw a hot model in a magazine, and he wanted her. That model was Amber Valletta. So he had his people call her people, they met, and then he moved on to the next model. Yes, he can literally pick his women out of a catalogue.

Eva Herzigova: Herzigova was a Victoria's Secret Wonderbra model who had a month long affair with Leo in 1998. She was married to Bon Jovi drummer Tico Torres at the time.

Gisele Bundchen: After several meetings, Leo and Gisele started dating in 2000. In 2002, they had their first breakup. By 2003, they were together again, having their first public appearance at the 2005 Academy Awards. But sadly, they called it quits in November of that year.

Bar Refaeli: Two months later, Leo moved on to Bar Refaeli. Seriously, this guy has had his hands on more Victoria's Secret model boobs than a BioFit bra. One of Leo's longest relationships, the two split in May 2011.

Blake Lively And Leo didn’t waste any time. The same month that he split with Bar, he rebounded with Blake Lively during the Cannes Film Festival. They dated for about five months, until they broke up, right after Blake's birthday.

Since then, Leo is said to have moved on to not one, but two more models. While filming The Great Gatsby, DiCaprio has reportedly romanced Australian models Alyce Crawford and Kendal Schuler.

Hey, he's getting older. There are a lot of models out there to bang, and only so many years left. Might as well double 'em up.