DiCaprio's Mother to Remarry

March 7, 2008 By:
DiCaprio's Mother to Remarry

Leonardo DiCaprio's mother Irmelin is getting ready to walk down the aisle again--this time it's with her childhood sweetheart.

Irmelin and her fiancé Klaus Teigeler reconnected last year when she went to go visit her mother in Germany. The pair hit it off immediately and has been inseparable since.

A close pal says, "He is totally nuts about her. He flew to spend Christmas with her in California and no one here (in Germany) believes he will be back."

Leo's parents split when he was just one year old so he's really close to his mother, as is his ex girlfriend Gisele. Wonder if Leo and Gisele will reunite at the wedding. We never really got over that breakup, they seemed so right for each other.