Amanda Seyfried Insults Leonardo DiCaprio

June 11, 2010 By:
Amanda Seyfried Insults Leonardo DiCaprio

When did Leonardo DiCaprio become old enough to start taking on the “dad” role in films?

There are some rumors circulating on the Internet which claim that Leonardo DiCaprio was insulted that Amanda Seyfried asked him to play her father in her new movie ‘Red Riding Hood.’

Amanda reportedly pissed off Leo by asking him to play her father in the movie.

Amanda is only 24-years old and looks about 30 and Leo is 36-years old and looks as if he is in his 20’s so we don’t understand how that would make any sense.

She said: "Unfortunately he's not in it. I asked him if he would play my dad but he got insulted! He said, 'I don't do male leads in love stories any more'. And I said, 'I wasn't talking about the male leads; I was talking about my dad. You're what, 35? Age yourself up a bit!' "

We could actually see a resemblance between the two actors. Maybe he can play her older brother in a movie one day.