15 Facts About Leonardo DiCaprio That Will Make You Question Everything About Him

January 17, 2014 By:
15 Facts About Leonardo DiCaprio That Will Make You Question Everything About Him

Charming. Thespian. Demigod. While these may be the three most used words to describe the persona of perfection that is Leo, he really is so much more. There are layers to Leo and these 15 facts about the actor you probably didn’t know—game changers, people—will make you see Leo in a new light.


1. His middle name is Wilhelm.

This is the only instance in our historical record of anyone being attracted to someone named Wilhelm.


2. He’s Leonardo da Vinci, reincarnated.

While pregnant, his mother was looking at a painting by da Vinci in an Italian museum when he first kicked. Hello, reincarnation much?????

His dad is also a really cool underground comic book artist, which makes perfect sense.


3. He’s a decorated breakdancer.

When he was a kid, he won an actual award in Germany for his pop-locking skills.


4. Yet, he still hasn’t won an Oscar.

^^^ That face.

At 39 years old, he’s on his fourth nomination for The Wolf of Wall Street and the Internet can’t stand to see him make that face again. :((((


5. He didn’t just date Gisele Bundchen, he dated her for five whole years.

That’s half a decade and, like, a Guinness World Record for Leo.


6. The designation for his big on-screen debut goes to Critters 3.


7. He was part of a group of partiers called the “Pussy Posse,” which included Tobey Maguire and David Blaine in the ‘90s.


8. He did this cringe-worthy Jim Beam commercial overseas.

Is the acting so bad because he’s bad? Or so bad because he’s so good at acting and convincing us he’s bad? #INCEPTIONNNNN


9. He sells his own special blend of directly sourced, sustainable coffee. All proceeds go to saving endangered jaguars.

And other animals.


10. He didn’t move out of his mom’s until he was 23 and used to live at Hollywood and Western.

This is Hollywood and Western.

Leo called it a corner for “drug dealers and prostitutes” where he said he was “beat up a lot.”


11. His favorite on-screen performance of all time is by a woman, not another man.

Gena Rowlands’ emotionally devastating turn in A Woman Under the Influence. We can definitely see shades of Gena in Leo’s work.


12. He was almost forced to change his name to “Lenny Williams.”

“They felt it was too ethnic,” Leonardo explained of his birth name. Thankfully, he refused and hopefully he refused like this:


13. He was injured in a movie and it still made the final cut.

In Django Unchained, Leo accidentally cut his hand when he slammed it on a table. Without breaking character or hesitating, he used it in the scene, wiping the blood over Kerry Washington’s face to make for an even more terrifying and memorable moment. You never questioned that he is good, but did you know that he is THIS good?

Major props to Kerry for this scene, too.


14. He was originally cast to star as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho and Dirk Diggler in Boogie Nights.


15. His favorite drink is lemonade.

According to a fan bio from 1998, anyway. We bet you thought it was going to be a scotch and soda.