Leona Lewis to Become a Film Star

December 29, 2009 By:
Leona Lewis to Become a Film Star

Leona Lewis is known as a great singer, but she may be crossing over into movies! Director James Cameron has reportedly shown a lot of interest in Lewis lately. Leona recorded the theme song for Cameron’s latest blockbuster Avatar, and now he has his eye on her for his next film.

“James is well known for casting strong females in his films and he sees that quality in Leona,” revealed a Hollywood insider.

“She has made quite an impression in Hollywood and James is one of a number of people interested in developing her performance skills for film.”

The only problem is going to be getting Leona to actually agree to acting in a movie! Leona has previously talked about how she’d love to work in the movie industry — but would prefer it be behind the scenes.

“I love movies but I’m more into scriptwriting and the actual story and behind the scenes,” she said. “But I wouldn’t say no if it was the right thing.”

Well, being in a James Cameron movie isn’t something most people turn down!