Leona Lewis Punched in the Face at Book Signing

October 14, 2009 By:
Leona Lewis Punched in the Face at Book Signing

Leona Lewis was reportedly rushed to the hospital today after she was punched in the face at her own book signing!

According to The Sun, a man in his late 20s to early 30s stood in line to get a copy of Leona’s new book Dreams signed. Then the man attacked her in front of 200 stunned fans!

Sources say Leona’s five bodyguards dove immediately onto the attacker, and she was immediately rushed out the door to the emergency room for treatment.

A friend of the singer says, "Leona was utterly shocked and appalled as it came out of nowhere. The man queued up patiently, then as soon as she signed his book he smashed her in the face. He didn't say anything to her and she is at a loss as to why anyone would do such an evil thing.

"She is devastated as she comes from quite a humble background and loves meeting her fans. She was doing a three-hour signing and planned to sign hundreds of books."

The pal added: "She's been taken to a Harley Street doctor by her record label as she needs to be fixed up as it was quite a punch and she's very dainty. She's not due to appear singing for another couple of weeks, on The X Factor, so hopefully she'll be fine by then."

A spokeswoman for the star said: "Leona is understandably shaken and apologizes to the fans she was unable to meet and complete signings."

The poor girl will probably be scarred for life now when it comes to being around fans! One guy had to ruin it for everyone. Police have now arrested a man in connection with the incident.