Leona Lewis Flees LA to Escape Stalker

May 5, 2009 By:
Leona Lewis Flees LA to Escape Stalker

Leona Lewis has been forced out of her home in Los Angeles because of a stalker who won’t leave her alone.

She’d only been living in her new multi-million dollar pad a few days, but was given the creeps from a crazed fan. So she’s jetted back to London for a little bit while security is beefed up in LA.

According to the Daily Mirror, Leona hadn’t been feeling comfortable in the house from the get-go, and was constantly complaining to friends about being lonely. But apparently an incident with a fan was the final straw.

A source tells The Mirror, “Leona had just gone to the shops to pick up some bits and pieces and was followed all the way back home by this man.”

“She was completely unsettled by this and was pretty relieved to get back to the house safely. But when she looked out of the window later the man was still there, staring right at her. It freaked Leona out big time. She feared she was being stalked.”

After the incident, Leona had friends over most of the time to feel safer, but finally decided she’d had enough and it was time to beef up security to the tune of $11,000 a month!

The source says, “She’s had new electronic gates put in and CCTV installed which links directly to the local police, station. Hopefully that’ll put her mind at ease slightly.”

One can never be too cautious! We’re glad Leona is taking the necessary steps to stay safe in her own home. Stalkers are out in full force these days, so it’s better to be safe than sorry!