Leona Lewis and Boyfriend to Split

May 19, 2009 By:
Leona Lewis and Boyfriend to Split

Leona Lewis is having such a hard time maintaining her relationship with her longtime love Al-Chamma, the couple has reportedly decided it's better to go their separate ways.

Leona is currently living in Los Angeles, while he's in London, and their long distance relationship has started to really take a toll on both of them. So much so that Leona may have already ended the relationship.

A source told Britain's Star magazine: "They are still in love, but Leona's
lifestyle is making things really hard.

"Her career is doing so well, but to keep growing as a singer, she has to
work even harder. Unfortunately, this leaves her very little time to work on her relationship. It could already be over."

The couple hasn’t been photographed together since January, which is never a good sign. It's really unfortunate that they couldn't make it work, they've been together since they were 10! That's a lifetime in celebrity years!