Leighton Meester Sues Her Mother

July 25, 2011 By:
Leighton Meester Sues Her Mother

Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester sues her own mother! Leighton has been sending her mother $7500 a month to care for her brother Alex who recently underwent brain surgery but apparently her mother has been using that money to spend on her own cosmetic surgeries.

Leighton’s mother, Constance Meester, first sued Leighton saying they had an oral contract that demanded that Leighton send her mother $10,000 a month. When Leighton only sent $7,500 Constance threatened Leighton with a $3 million lawsuit.

Leighton is suing her mom because she says that “oral contract” is false and the money she sends for her brother is being spent on Botox by her mother. So sad, her mother is so greedy.

A source says of Leighton, “This whole thing’s been really tough on Leighton. Her only concern has always been taking care of her brother.”

Now the actress’s mother is counter-suing and "claiming" she sacrificed everything for Leighton’s acting career. She also said Leighton attacked her with a bottle. Somehow I find it hard to believe that Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf would attack anyone.

The countersuit claims that since Leighton’s mother cannot work, she needs all that money from Leighton.

Leighton has had a troubled relationship with her mother from the beginning. Literally. Leighton was born in a halfway house when her mother was serving time for conspiring with a drug ring and smuggling drugs.

Let’s hope this is not a case of “like mother, like daughter” Leighton could totally escape her twenties without developing a Hollywood drug problem.