Leighton Meester Moves into $1.5 Million Dollar LA home

September 30, 2011 By:
Leighton Meester Moves into $1.5 Million Dollar LA home

The Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester has just purchased another property (she already has an apartment in NY) in Encino, Ca.

Let me just say, if you aren’t from LA, Encino is not what’s up. A Lot of celebs live there because it’s easier to escape the paparazzi and it has enough land for mansions to exist and it’s not so bourgeoisie as Beverly Hills and the Hollywood Hills.

But Encino itself is kind of boring, there aren't nearly enough cupcake shops and vegan restaurants to impress the typical LA resident. Also, just say the name Encino out loud. En-cine-Ohhh. It sounds like the name of a crappy casino in the middle of no-where.

So anyways, Meester just bought a 2,847 sq ft home for $1,456,500 in Encino. And while that falls in the lower end of the spectrum of celebrity homes, it’s still a really fancy house for us regular folk.

The single story, ranch-style home has 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms with a black bottom pool and a pool bar. Okay, now we’re talking… pool bar, this is sounding like Cabo, I like. The ranch home features an “open, flowing floor plan,” hardwood floors, French doors and plantation shutters.

The San Fernando Valley pad (thus making Meester an official “Valley Girl” now) also features one of those indoor-outdoor dining areas. There is nothing more “LA” than sitting outside while eating. Why this is such a big deal for So-cal residents, I have no idea. I think it has something to do with the southern California need to work on your tan year-round while doing other things (like eating).

It should be noted that the home has notably been divided into owner/staff suites, meaning the secondary bedrooms have private entrances, however, do you really think Meester is so high-maintenance to have live in staff? Doubt it.

The master suite includes a sitting area, fireplace with glass tiles, walk-in closet, and a separate glass-enclosed steam shower.

Okay, so this pad may be in En-cine-Oh, but it’s super nice.

However, since Meester has to be in NY for Gossip Girl filming she also owns an apartment in NYC. Word on the street is that she’s super diva about her demands to neighbors. She allegedly was very angry with her neighbors for smoking in their own apartments. She said “she develops a sore throat if she’s exposed” to smoke. So she asked no one to smoke cigs in her complex.

A source says, “She asked everyone not to smoke because the smell comes under the door.”