Leighton Meester Addresses Sex Tape Rumors

August 5, 2009 By:
Leighton Meester Addresses Sex Tape Rumors

Gossip Girl cutie Leighton Meester is learning the hard way that fame comes with a price. Leighton graces the September cover of Harpers Bazaar magazine, due out on newsstands on August 18th.

In the issue Leighton talks about her alleged sex tape, the pitfalls of fame, her inner circle, and why she's actually a good girl. Here are some highlights from the article:

Leighton on the alleged sex tape:
“[The tape] is not real, so it makes me sort of sad. It’s unfortunate that it got carried as far as it did… I definitely understand the nature of people better now and that the mere allegation of something like that could be headline news. People think it’s real because somebody says it is.”

Leighton on fame:
“I don’t want most of what comes along with all of this. I’m doing everything I can to keep things separate."

Leighton on her circle of trust:
"I feel like my friends are in a cult because we're like, 'No outsiders!' I’ve never been crazy. I'm a very good girl, to be honest. I don't do anything to hurt anybody. Honestly, all I ever do is work."

Leighton on Botox:
“Any fear of aging, I think, is simply vanity because what comes with age is so many wonderful things: wisdom, understanding. Every year, I’m always happy to be done with the previous age. If people want [to get Botox], do it.”

Leighton on her co-star Ed Westwick and her meeting for the first time:
“The first thing I thought when I met Leighton was, F—ing hell, this girl’s gorgeous. And she was incredibly sweet. Now we tell each other to f— off whenever we want to.”