LeBron James: Let the Party Begin!

July 9, 2010 By:
LeBron James: Let the Party Begin!

Now that LeBron James has confirmed he's going to join the Miami Heat there's only one thing left to do this weekend--party his ass off!

LeBron has reportedly booked six cabanas at the W Hotel in Miami so him and his friends can party, celebrate, and party some more.

Bosh and Miami Heat President Pat Riley had dinner at Mr. Chow in the W South Beach hotel Thursday night, where they watched LeBron’s announcement on TV, a source tells People. "They were waiting for their boy to arrive later from Connecticut for a massive celebration."

LeBron, Bosh and DWade will attend a rally at Miami Heat stadium in the American Airlines Arena Friday night. Then they will continue the party on South Beach. Cue Will Smith's "Welcome to Miami."

And while the W Hotel seems to be his first choice for the festivities this weekend, legendary hotspots Fontainebleau Hotel is ready to help him celebrate for the next five years.

"The Fontainebleau was host to the legendary Rat Pack, today we are thrilled to welcome Miami’s new Rat Pack: Wade, Bosh and James," Jeff Soffer, owner of the legendary resort, tells People.

There was a lot of mixed emotions about LeBron picking Miami, how do you feel about it?