Was LeAnn Rimes Drunk During 'X Factor' Performance?

December 20, 2012 By:
Was LeAnn Rimes Drunk During 'X Factor' Performance?


Last night “X Factor” contestant Carly Rose Sonenclar sang LeAnn Rimes’ classic song “How Do I Live” and surprise, LeAnn sang it with her.


And what a surprise it was! To LeAnn too, who looked surprised to be standing, walking, moving and singing! Hey! Somebody was intoxicated! Maybe?


LeAnn might have been sober, but for an industry veteran, her performance was just too bizarre to blame on “stage fright.”


As LeAnn made her way down the stairs she stumbled on a step and shouted “oh!” before quickly returning to the song.


She didn’t so much “sing” but rather riffed through some of the sounds of the song, a ‘la Mariah Carey or Christina Aguilera.


She also seemed very unsteady and shaky and was wobbling while standing. She also clutched onto Carly Rose at the start of her solo and literally looked like she was pushing Carly over.


More of the wobbling and falling continued and was generally very uncomfortable to watch. At the end of the song she grabbed onto Carly in a “omg friends” kind of way, but it appeared more like she HAD to grab onto Carly to keep her balance.


Watch and decide for yourself. If she wasn’t drunk, it was just a strange-ish performance then. Great singing, just weird performance.