Two Homewreckers Moving In Together

July 27, 2010 By:
Two Homewreckers Moving In Together

After LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian left there significant others to be with one another we thought it was a relationship that would end in disaster, but they're determined to prove us all wrong.

The two home wreckers are taking their relationship to the next level and moving in together.

"It just made sense for them," a source told People Magazine. "Eddie's lease was up and LeAnn's home was bigger and already familiar to Eddie's sons."

"It's somewhere the kids know and it allows Mason to stay in the same school district, which was important to them, that there's continuity for him," the source adds. "They take [moving in with the kids] with a lot of responsibility. They want to make sure that it was done in the right way."

Rimes's rep confirms the news saying, "they're excited for this happy new journey."

Eddie’s ex is definitely not gonna be happy when she hears about the news that her ex-husband is moving in with the woman that stole him away.