Stars Stand Up to Stop Bullying and Support GLAAD

October 2, 2012 By:
Stars Stand Up to Stop Bullying and Support GLAAD

Later this month, the world will unite in an effort to kick bullying to the curb.

Friday, October 19th has been dubbed “Spirit Day,” where companies, organizations and – yes – celebrities will join forces in the movement. The effort is headed by gay and lesbian advocate group GLAAD.

Among with the list of activities scheduled for the holiday, speeches are excepted from all-star names like Shaquille O'Neal, George Takei, Wendy Williams, Shay Mitchell and Perez Hilton.

Previous celebrities to participate are Tyra Banks, Cher, Ellen DeGeneres, Ricky Martin, Julianne Moore, and Oprah Winfrey.

You might also notice a lot of people sporting purple clothing on the date – But don’t adjust your TV… Purple is the official color of the movement.

The NBA, Major League Soccer, New York Stock Exchange, Facebook, LA Unified School District, Yahoo! are among the numerous organizations and companies that have agreed support the cause to rock the hue.

“By going purple for Spirit Day, millions of Americans are helping to send a clear message that no one should be bullied simply because of who they are,” said GLAAD President Herndon Graddick.

Even LeAnn Rimes is getting in on the anti-bulling action, albeit ahead of schedule...

The “I Will Always Love You” singer and known gay rights advocate, posted a picture on Twitter of an inked butterfly on her wrist, along with the caption, “I wanted to show my support.”

Leading up to the big day, GLAAD has launched a 19 Days of Action countdown that gives supporters a simple daily action to take a step toward ending bullying.
More information is available on GLAAD’s website.