Report: LeAnn Rimes Seeks Treatment Over Eddie Cibrian's Cheating!?

August 30, 2012 By:
Report: LeAnn Rimes Seeks Treatment Over Eddie Cibrian's Cheating!?

Woah, woah woah!

LeAnn Rimes, who cheated on her husband to get together with Eddie Cibrian who in turn cheated on his wife to get with LeAnn, thinks that Eddie’s cheating on her now!? You don’t say!

Apparently LeAnn’s emotional issues that she’s hoping to fix revolve around the belief that her husband is cheating on her...And it's a problem.

“LeAnn called a friend of hers a few weeks ago sobbing hysterically about Eddie going out,” a source close to LeAnn told

Okay , o he goes out? Is that THAT suspicious?

“LeAnn is beyond stressed about the cracks in her relationship with Eddie and she has been really scared that he is cheating on her,” adds the source.

Apparently she stayed home one weekend and he went out without her and she called up her friend sobbing, afraid that he was cheating on her?

We contacted LeAnn’s reps about Eddie Cibrian’s cheating rumors AND TMZ’s report that she’s not really at rehab, but LeAnn’s reps sidestepped the cheating rumors and gave us the same statement regarding rehab as the one we printed this morning.

Call it rehab or a Monday-Friday “treatment facility,” but LeAnn will get to go home on weekends, which is what led TMZ to say she’s not really at rehab.

Also, she’s not treating a drinking problem or an eating disorder, but as for the emotional distress that Eddie’s supposed cheating might be causing is all up in the air for now.