Report: LeAnn Rimes is NOT Pregnant

December 28, 2010 By:
Report: LeAnn Rimes is NOT Pregnant

UPDATE: LeAnn tweeted to Hollyscoop to let us know she's not preggers--and she thinks all media outlets are full of shit--bullshit to be exact. (@Hollyscoop this is such BS!!!! Lol, you people all report BS). Funny how when she needs the press she'll stage fake photo ops to make her and Eddie seem happy and in love but as every other time she thinks we're all full of it.

Original story:

Saw this one coming from a mile away. Apparently LeAnn Rimes is pregnant, which explains why Eddie Cibrian put a ring on it.

LeAnn has been trying to get pregnant on the DL for a while now and it looks like she was finally successful.

“LeAnn thinks she’s expecting,” a source close to the couple tells Hollybaby (not affiliated with Hollyscoop).

“They’ve been trying for a while and after many pregnancy tests, she finally got the reading she was hoping for — the test was positive.”

On December 1st she was spotted buying pregnancy tests at a Rite Aid near her Calabasas, CA home.

“LeAnn has been very vocal about wanting Eddie’s baby,” says a different source. ”She can’t wait to be Eddie’s wife and have his children."

Looks like her plan is almost complete. Step 1: Steal another woman's husband. Check. Step 2: Get pregnant and announce engagement during the holidays hoping for some press. Check. Step 3: Have baby, sell photos and story to tabloids. Status: Pending.