LeAnn Rimes Twitter Haters Respond

August 31, 2012 By:
LeAnn Rimes Twitter Haters Respond

Earlier today we reported how LeAnn Rimes was suing two women on Twitter because she’s crazy because they released phone calls from LeAnn to the Internet and painted her to look like a lunatic.

In what might be the first Twitter-based lawsuit, the alleged Twitter haters have responded to LeAnn’s lawsuit on where else, a Celebuzz message board. Hooray for the Internet!

The two women that LeAnn is suing are Kimberly Smiley and Lexi Smiley, but those aren’t their real names and some woman named Kelly Mahan Jaramillo has just fired off at LeAnn online as if she’s the one being persecuted and the way she refers to the case as "we" she might actually be one of these "Smiley" women.

Basically, LeAnn alleged the Smiley women taped her phone call, editing it to make her sound dumb, and then blasting it across the Internet.

“Please call experts in the field of audio editing for testimony, rather than making ridiculous and unfounded claims to an online tabloid,” Jaramillo wrote.

Also, LeAnn has flip-flopped on the issue, first saying the phone call was never made, then acknowledging it and saying it was edited.

“According to you [Ms. Rimes], the call that YOU made to @8smileys did not exist,” says Jaramillo.

Then she goes on to talk as if she’s heading to court against LeAnn, “We are ready and willing to go to court to prove there is not one single edit in either the ‘snippet’ OR the full 20-minute tape.”

LeAnn and her lawyer Larry Stein stand by their lawsuit saying the issue is not that the tape was edited, it’s that LeAnn’s voice was recorded against her knowledge and distributed in a slanderous way online, “It’s a violation of criminal law to tape someone. At some point you have to stamp your foot – and say enough is enough. I think that’s the point LeAnn has come to,” says Mr. Stein.

This is a bizarre case. This lawsuit is supposedly the stress that’s causing LeAnn to need a 30-day stay in rehab.