LeAnn Rimes Steals Brandy's Man and Plastic Surgeon

January 4, 2011 By:
LeAnn Rimes Steals Brandy's Man and Plastic Surgeon

Oh, LeAnn Rimes. You make it too easy to make fun of you.

If you haven’t already noticed, Leann has been flaunting her tight and toned bod all over Cabo this week…but she’s also gotten two new additions to match the rest of her svelte body—fake boobs!

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And according to Us Magazine, LeAnn got them from the same plastic surgeon as Brandy Glanville—Eddie Cibrian’s ex-wife!

So not only is she a man-stealer, but she's a boob doctor thief as well! Sources say she even got the same cup size as Brandy. That's some Single White Female sh*t!

A source says, "When Brandi and LeAnn were constantly fighting, one of LeAnn's jabs at Brandi was that she was plastic. Brandi replied, 'Be careful, honey. That's what Eddie likes. You'll be there someday too.' Looks like Brandi was right!"

There’s no way LeAnn can tweet about this being “BS” like she always does either. It’s pretty obvious just looking at her that she’ s had an enhancement.

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"She recently got a boob job," a source says. "She’s always, always been insecure about her size. She was a small A-cup. She often talked about wanting to get implants. She’d say, “I just want a little bit so they’re proportionate to my body.'"

I’ll admit, she has a smoking body now, but that doesn’t change anything. In fact, Brandy is still hotter than she is.

Plus, she can work off those pounds and get work done as much as she wants to feel better about herself, but it’s still not going to wash the homewrecker off of her!