LeAnn Rimes Poses With Eddie Cibrian For NOH8 Campaign

July 31, 2012 By:
LeAnn Rimes Poses With Eddie Cibrian For NOH8 Campaign

Don’t hate on this campaign or the spokespeople behind it.

LeAnn Rimes and her actor hubby Eddie Cibrian are lending their faces to the NOH8 campaign, joining a long list of celebrities to already do so. The movement raises funds and awareness to gay rights causes.

The all-star couple wore the classic, NOH8 look: a duct taped mouth and “NOH8” painted on their cheeks. They posed in white clothing, lying on the ground and looking up, very sexy-like at the camera. Rimes also posed solo in two other shots looking just glamorous, in one photo throwing up the peace sign.

The silent photographic protest project is helmed by photographer-activist Adam Bouska and his partner Jeff Parshley.

According to GLBT weekly publication Pride Source, Rimes is a long time committed advocate of gay rights.

"It just breaks my heart seeing kids committing suicide because they're not accepted. It kills me," Rimes said.

In addition to the photo, she performed her song “The Rose” with The Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles in December of 2010. Rimes prefaced the song in a very teary-eyed introduction.

“This is dedicated to all those who’ve lost their lives and families,” she said. “There’s still hope and it does get better.

Other celebrities to appear in the campaign include Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, Giuliana Rancic, Pete Wentz, Kathy Griffin, Kim Kardashian, Meghan McCain, Jane Lynch, Patti Stanger, and Kaki West.

The NOH8 Campaign has grown to over 20,000 faces since its inception three years ago. The main goal of the cause is to end the voter approved Proposition 8 in California, which amended the state’s Constitution to ban same-sex marriage.