LeAnn Rimes On Chelsea Handler: Even I Annoy Myself

February 10, 2012 By:
LeAnn Rimes On Chelsea Handler: Even I Annoy Myself

LeAnn Rimes appeared on ‘Chelsea Lately’ last night, where she talked about everything from staging paparazzi shots to her own personal struggle with falacio.

"Welcome to my show,” Handler said. “I know that you've seen me talking sh-t about you."

Awkwaaard. Well, not really. Apparently, LeAnn Rimes is fine with people talking sh-t about her, so now we can all do it 100% guilt-free.

"I watched your show religiously I was bawling my eyes out and I was watching,” Rimes told Handler. “And I was watching your show thinking I could get a laugh out of it, instead I was laughing at you laughing at me," Rimes said it was the "first time [she] could laugh and cry at the same time.”

And although she has a new CD out, it seems like the only real exposure we have of LeAnn Rimes is 1) Brandi Glanville dissing her or 2) Pictures of her in a bikini.

“Don’t you get annoyed with yourself when you’re seeing pictures of yourself everywhere?” Chelsea asked.

“I get annoyed with myself, to be honest, yes.”

Rimes admitted that she stages paparazzi shots in order to protect her private life. I guess the thought process is “they’re gonna do it anyway, I might as well have it look good.”

I, for one, did not know you could tell the paparazzi to take pictures of you and then put them on the Internet, but I guess that would explain Courtney Stodden’s existence.

Anyway, as for LeAnn’s emaciated figure, the singer chalked it up to:
“I was fat…and I grew up.”

She outgrew her obesity, y’all.

Before leaving the show, Rimes also talked about a medical problem she has in which her jaw pops out of place. “It’s the worst thing a singer can have,” Rimes complained. “And it also makes for some other really interesting issues,” she laughed.