LeAnn Rimes' Lifetime Movie Scores Huge Ratings

March 23, 2009 By:
LeAnn Rimes' Lifetime Movie Scores Huge Ratings

A little affair will do wonders for your movie ratings. Even if it is just a little Lifetime movie.

The possible publicity-fueled affair between LeAnn Rimes and her co-star Eddie Cibrian led to the highest ratings Lifetime has seen all year.

Northern Lights aired on Lifetime last night and an estimated 4.5 million tuned in.

The movie is the network's biggest of the year, beating out Rosie O'Donnell's America (3.2 million) and Sigourney Weaver's Prayers for Bobby (3.8 million). It fell short of two from last year though, which were The Memory Keeper's Daughter (5.8 million) and Coco Chanel (5.2 million).

Just goes to show, publicity stunt or not, people tuned in to see if their chemistry seemed like more than just an on-screen romance!