LeAnn Rimes Goes SWF on Eddie's Ex

April 25, 2011 By:
LeAnn Rimes Goes SWF on Eddie's Ex

An ad for a roommate brought a stranger into Allison’s life…

Insiders at LeAnn Rimes’ and Eddie Cibrian’s wedding this weekend revealed that it was strikingly similar to Cibrian’s first wedding with ex-wife Brandi Glanville in 2001.

One source said both brides had the same designer for their wedding gowns, and another source added, “[Eddie and Brandi] also got married in the spring at the beach.”

Another similarity? When Rimes got breast enhancement surgery, she used the same plastic surgeon as Glanville and got the same cup size.

At this point, I’m surprised she didn’t ask the doctor if, instead of regular silicone cups, she could get Glanville’s old removed breasts implanted instead. If that’s not enough, they both also drive white Range Rovers.

So basically, LeAnn Rimes got Eddie Cibrian by cutting her hair like his wife and then crawling into bed with him. The ol’ switcharoo. He probably actually thinks he’s still with Brandi.

Cibrian even addressed his first wedding in a speech, saying, “Someone loves the f-cking microphone and that’s me! We've both had much larger weddings before, about 100-150 people both, but we just wanted our closest of friends and family here with us tonight. The next one will be even smaller though.”

Sometimes fairy tales do come true.