LeAnn Rimes Bans Eddie Cibrian's Ex From Seeing Her Son

March 29, 2010 By:
LeAnn Rimes Bans Eddie Cibrian's Ex From Seeing Her Son

Not only is LeAnn Rimes is home wrecker, she's kind of a b**tch too. LeAnn has reportedly banned boyfriend Eddie Cibrian's ex wife from seeing her son on his birthday.

Eddie dumped Brandi Glanville last year after his affair with LeAnn went public. Brandi and Eddie are still in the middle of their divorce but LeAnn has already moved into Eddie's LA home.

Brandi and Eddie share custody of their two children, sons Mason, six, and Jake, two, and had planned to spend April 15th together to celebrate their youngest third birthday, even though the date falls on Eddie's custody day.

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But now Brandi claims home wrecker LeAnn won't let her see her own son because it falls on Eddie's custody day and she doesn't want Brandi at their home.

Brandi tells E! News, "Eddie and I had planned to do something together and small for Jake's upcoming birthday on April 15th. (But) he has changed his mind. He is now saying I can't see Jake on his birthday because it falls on his custodial day and it would make LeAnn uncomfortable."

And Brandi insists it's not the only big celebration she's been forced to miss out on: "I have already spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning alone, missing my children, and crying because I have no family near by. Jake is my son, not Leann's. He should be with both his parents on his birthday."

If Brandi's claims are true, that's super bitchy of LeAnn! And Eddie needs to step up and be a man and tell his home wrecker girlfriend that the mother of his children is going to spend birthdays with their kids.