Eddie Cibrian Says LeAnn Rimes' Body is 'Perfect'

August 2, 2011 By:
Eddie Cibrian Says LeAnn Rimes' Body is 'Perfect'

Despite the fact that she’s looking more and more like a Body Worlds exhibit, Eddie Cibrian insists his wife LeAnn Rimes has a perfect body.

“I think she looks wonderful,” the 38 year-old Playboy Club actor told Extra.

“She is very healthy, and to me—perfect.”

I mean, it’s obvious that she’s been losing a ton of weight lately. So much so, that she’s been reminding us via Twitter every time she eats:

“Great dinner w/ our friends Troy, Elisa, Dave & Liz.”

“I need ice cream!”


“LOVE Thin Mint Cookies!”

Alright, we’re convinced. You occasionally eat food. A health expert even came forward saying Rimes' weight loss is most likely due to stress.

Dr. Farid Zarif said: "Just as a lot of people have a propensity to gain weight others have the same ability to lose it too."

But that hasn't stopped Rimes from getting blasted for her ultra-thin frame. In May, the singer tweeted a photo of herself in a two piece bathing suit, then defended her frame by saying:

“This is my body, and I can promise you I'm a healthy girl. I'm just lean. Thanks for your concern, but no need to be."
A couple of moths later, Rimes attempted to show off her “curvy” figure once again, wearing a black and white bikini. It only sparked more claims of an eating disorder.

Cibrian says that the two stay in shape by working out together.

“We go to the gym together. She really loves to work out.”