Eddie Cibrian Gives LeAnn Rimes Anniversary Ring

April 23, 2012 By:
Eddie Cibrian Gives LeAnn Rimes Anniversary Ring

The first anniversary gift is traditionally paper, but that didn’t stop Eddie Cibrian from giving LeAnn Rimes a giant rock.

Rimes sported the knuckleduster on her right hand in a candid photo on her Twitter account during their “staycation” at home.

The stunning faceted semiprecious stone surrounded by small diamonds wasn’t her only gift. A photo of her wearing a single gold wing pendant she credited to her “angels” also made it to her Twitter feed, along with some relationship tips for anyone born under the Virgo sign.

Rimes reportedly stuck to the more modern interpretation of first anniversary gifts, a clock, in her gift of a watch to Cibrian.

She Tweeted: “I gave Eddie his anniversary gift early. I can never wait! He was so cute, he loved it so much he wore it to bed. For you dirty minds, it was a watch.... I just thought that was super cute. All boys, no matter what age love their toys a lot.”

I guess she’s lucky she didn’t give him a motorcycle!