See Lea Michele’s Super Sexy Photo Shoot

October 14, 2013 By:
See Lea Michele’s Super Sexy Photo Shoot
Image By: Lea Michele

Lea Michele is officially back! The “Glee” starlet donned her sexiest looks recently when she shot the artwork for her first solo album!

Lea jacked Miley Cyrus' style in a crop top paired with high-waisted briefs in one shot and in another she’s wearing a white dress with the stomach cutout.

Lea’s debut album has been a year in the making, perhaps Cory’s passing adding more delay to the process, but it’s good to see the actress/singer back in action!

She told fans, “I’m so excited for u guys to hear my album. It’s so special to me. I’m so grateful for u all. Thank u for giving me so much love & support.”