Sarah Hyland Mocks Lea Michele, Not Sorry About It

September 19, 2011 By:
Sarah Hyland Mocks Lea Michele, Not Sorry About It

This is a twitter feud that I just don't understand. Sarah Hyland from "Modern Family" appeared as a guest host on E!'s "Fashion Police" and joked about "Glee" star Lea Michele's ridiculous red carpet poses.

While the regular hosts of Fashion Police make fun of celebs on a daily basis, poor little Sarah Hyland calls out Lea Michele's totally diva red carpet habits one time and gets sh-t for it.

In a nutshell, Sarah Hyland did a hilarious impression on Fashion Police of how Lea Michele poses on the red carpet.

While posing, she explained each move, "So it's like a slow-motion kinda thing. It's just like, she puts her hands on her hips like this and sticks out her collarbone to make her look skinner and she goes [pouts lips] sticks out her lips."

Well anyways, the twitterverse was UP IN ARMS. Gleeks everywhere were about to take pitchforks and torches to Sarah Hyland's house.

So Hyland set the record straight by NOT apologizing.

She tweeted, "I did not intend for my comments to be taken in a malicious way. But I did hate the dress. Called her ass great. Did you all hear that one?"

Some twitter fans claimed Hyland is jealous of Lea Michele, like a certain creepy fan whose twitter handle is DedicatedToLea who tweeted, "@Sarag_Hyland sorry that youre jealous of an obviously more successful and talented actress such as Lea Michele that you chose to mock her.

Whatever DedicatedToLea, sorry that you're not Lea Michele.

Hyland Tweeted, "In no way am I jealous of Lea Michelle. I'm happy with my own life and am not jealous of anyone elses n the world."

Still not apologizing for her comments, she sort of extended a sarcastic olive branch to Lea, "Congrats Lea. You know how to work the red carpet. I can't take it as seriously as you. I can't take myself that seriously. I don't like the red carpet. I feel silly. So props to her for knowing what she's doing and enjoying it."

There we go, props all around. Besides, Lea Michele has that hunched-shoulders concave-pose perfected. Have you seen the clavicle bone on Lea Michele? That's years worth of looking at oneself in the mirror, clavicle bones don't just look like that, that is the result of years of practice.

Sarah adds, "But I won't apologize. I'm an outspoken person. I own what I said about that outfit. And I mimicked what I saw with my own two eyes."

Then the day before the Emmy's, where Lea and Sarah would probably run into one another, she tried to avoid a red-carpet diva-off by tweeting at Lea Michele herself, "@msleahmichele this is all so stupid. It was meant to be humorous, not hurtful. Let's talk. I'll see you tonight?"