Lea Michele's Diva Attitude Could Get "Glee" Cancelled

March 19, 2013 By:
Lea Michele's Diva Attitude Could Get
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Like the teenage characters infinitely locked in the grips of puberty depicted on its show, "Glee" is in a super weird, awkward, and uncomfortable place right now.

Half of the original cast you first fell in love with is gone and those that remain are currently being diluted by a new crop of singing characters. "Glee" is a show that doesn't know what or who it is at the moment and it's more existential than all the Nietzsche its on-screen characters are cramming in study hall right now.

But it turns out there's another technical issue afflicting The High School Talent Show That Never Ends: Lea Michele is "a total b*tch," apparently.

According to a source close to the show, the star who plays Rachel on "Glee" has a hostile attitude that's creating an awful on-set work environment that could ruin and compromise future seasons of the series.

"'Glee' may be going off the air after next season," a source tells Hollyscoop. "[Creator] Ryan Murphy and the rest of the cast cannot stand Lea Michele. She acts like a diva and is not nice to anyone anymore, even her boyfriend Cory [Monteith]."

"They argue on the set and then she disappears into her trailer and doesn't spend time with the cast like she used to," the source continues. "Apparently, she told Ryan she wants out of the show because she wants to pursue a career as a real movie star."

Ryan's well aware of this music box Frankenstein he's birthed and is this close to pulling the plug on Lea's character, the source says. "She's forgotten where she came from and no one likes her anymore, not even Ryan, who's responsible for her career."

But for Ryan it's not as easy as telling Lea to wise up or we'll take away your trailer. She is reminiscent of that conniving little five-year-old who you'd threatened with time out for not cleaning up her toys who would then immediately volunteer herself to patiently sit in a corner for hours until you were left with no choice but to clean up the mess yourself. Effectively firing her from "Glee" would still be a win for Lea Michele.

The source goes on to say that Ryan thinks she's "ungrateful" and cannot even wait to let her go, but he knows that many 'Glee' fans won't continue to watch the show without her. "Lea's told him that without her the show is nothing."

For what it's worth, here's to hoping that art imitates life and the show uses this drama as a juicy subplot for its story, something that'll give us a reason to DVR it again.