Lea Michele Slams Past Drama Teachers

September 30, 2010 By:
Lea Michele Slams Past Drama Teachers

Lea Michele is like a drama teacher’s dream—the talented star of Glee could sing the alphabet over and over and we’d listen for hours!

But according to Ms. Michele, she wasn’t treated very well by her drama teachers growing up. In a new interview with Marie Claire UK, she slams them for not paying more attention to her.

Lea attributes their behavior perhaps to the fact that she starred in a New York production of ‘Les Miserables’ as a child.

“My acting teachers and music teachers didn’t really like me and they kind of ignored me,” she tells the magazine. “I think that they were threatened by the fact that I had worked before. Maybe it made them uncomfortable, I would have loved for them to have taught me but maybe they felt like they couldn’t.

“They just ignored me and didn’t really pay attention to me.”

Asked how it made her feel, she said: “Like, they were stupid, that it was pretty silly of them. I’m on a show called Glee right now and I could sing their praises, but unfortunately I don’t have anything to say.”

It looks like Lea definitely got the last laugh! But her teachers weren’t the only one who put the kibosh on her dreams of stardom growing up.

“So many people told me growing up that there was no place for me in television,” Michele reveals. “I wasn’t pretty enough, no one could figure out what I was. It was always something.”

Michele is forever grateful for Glee. “It gave me a chance,” she says.

Those teachers are probably kicking themselves now!