Lea Michele Shares Sorrowful Photo on Twitter

August 7, 2013 By:
Lea Michele Shares Sorrowful Photo on Twitter

Lea Michele has returned to the set of “Glee,” where she and the cast are currently filming the third episode of the season, a storyline which will address the death of her boyfriend and co-star Cory Monteith.

“Feels so good to be home,” she tweeted, sharing a behind-the-scenes photo of the set where Lea, who plays Rachel Berry, sits in an empty apartment, with a mournful look on her face.



Earlier this week, Lea told her fans she had just recorded a song, seemingly in tribute to Cory. “Thank you [music producers] Alex Anders and Adam Anders for a great recording session today. You guys are the best.”

“Couldn’t have picked a more beautiful and perfect song to start the year with,” she added.