Lea Michele Hit by Drunk Drivers

March 28, 2011 By:
Lea Michele Hit by Drunk Drivers

Glee star Lea Michele was involved in a car accident at 2 a.m. Friday morning on her way home from work. And unless she’s moonlighting as a security guard, I’m confused as to what she does that she gets off at 2 a.m.

“Lea was hit and notified the police,” said a rep for the actress.

And it was basically a hit-and-compliment-and-run, because a source close to Michele told UsMagazine, "A couple of drunk girls hit her, got out of the car, giggled that she was famous, said something like 'are you drunk, too?' Then they drove off.”

I’ve been wondering for some time about people who watch Glee, and apparently, it’s alcoholics. Michele wrote down the license plate of the car and notified police. She also evidently has a bumper that’s a giant magnet, because she had another accident during her auditions for the show, but that one was much worse.

“For my second audition I got into a massive car wreck, left my crashed car in the street and ran into the audition with cuts and glass in my hair," Michele said.

She must be damn good to show up looking like that and still get the audition. Maybe she worked it into the character somehow. “No, no, I did this on purpose. I imagine this character to be constantly bleeding and have shards of glass in her hair.”

Fellow actor David Arquette was also recently involved in a car crash. On his way to the airport at the beginning of the month, Arquette swerved to avoid hitting a car that stopped suddenly, and crashed into oncoming traffic.

You can’t drive around in Hollywood without running to a celebrity. Literally.