Lea Michele Calls Ashton Kutcher 'The Hottest Guy'

December 9, 2011 By:
Lea Michele Calls Ashton Kutcher 'The Hottest Guy'

And then she finished her sentence: “…nine years ago.”

Lea Michele costars with Ashton Kutcher in the holiday flick, New Year’s Eve, and she’s not exactly doing much to dispel rumors that the two have a romantic spark between them.

After they showed up on the red carpet looking really comfortable with each other, rumors swirled that they were into each other. I dunno about Ashton, but it sounds like Lea’s game:

“I gotta say, I kinda felt like he was out of my league,” Michele says of when she found out about her costar.

Aww, he’s not out of your league, Lea. Just get a hot tub and a room at the Hard Rock, and you’re good to go!

"You know, this guy's like, the hottest guy, and then when they called and said that Ashton was doing it, I was really freaked out,” Lea continued. “I thought I should have picked someone else and said, 'You have to use this person!' so I wouldn't have been nervous.”

In the end, though, Lea was pleased with the choice.

“I’m so glad, because he challenged me, and it was a really great pairing, I think.”

I feel like I should also mention, that while Lea and Ashton were getting all hands-on with each other on the red carpet, she also had a nip slip. It’s like Ashton can will a girl’s clothes off just by looking at her knockers.

And Lea even predicted the wardrobe malfunction. When asked about her low cut dress, she said:

“I was like, ‘is my boobie gonna pop out?’…Whatever happens, happens.”

Uh, you sure? You sure it’s not, “whatever happens can be easily prevented by one tiny piece of double sided tape?” You’re gonna go with “eh, if a boob pops out, it pops out”? Alright, cool.

Ashton says one of his favorite scenes shooting with Lea was when the two were stuck in an elevator.

"I think what makes her great for this particular role is she has this passionate aspiration and I think that she's able to express that really cleanly."

"I think it was really good that Ashton and I didn't know each other in this movie because we're supposed to be strangers, meeting in an elevator," Lea said of their onscreen chemistry.

"I think if we were playing two people who had known each other their whole lives we would have worked hard to create a certain rapport with each other, but not knowing each other really helped with this film."

"He constantly never stops working hard," she said. "That surprised me the most about him, and it inspired me so much.

"He's also just an incredibly smart guy and he's so sweet and I'm so thankful to have been given him as a costar."