Lea Michele and Longterm Boyfriend Split

September 20, 2011 By:
Lea Michele and Longterm Boyfriend Split

“Glee” star Lea Michele has broken up with her long-term boyfriend. Awww, cue Glee acapella version of “Don’t go breaking my heart” followed by “Keep Holding On” and then “Stronger.”

Lea Michele says her 17-month relationship with Broadway actor Theo Stockman has “run its course.” She says the split was amicable and that the two just realized it was time to move on.

A rep for Lea told E! News, “This is not a dramatic break-up, the relationship just ran its course. They are still friends and will always be friends.”

Everything seemed fine in paradise for the couple, no really, they were vacationing together in Hawaii in July.

The break-up is probably due to the fact that Lea lives in Los Angeles and is busy filming Glee all the time and Theo lives and works in New York.

They stepped out as a couple in May 2010 at the Time 100 Most Influential People event. But Theo rarely joined Lea on the red-carpet, probably because of their coastal differences.

It’s gonna be hard to find a Broadway stud to match Lea Michele’s levels of Diva-ness. Theo starred on Broadway in the Green Day show, “American Idiot” and has appeared on television shows “30 Rock” and “Nurse Jackie.”

Lea told the June issue of Cosmo UK that even though they were on separate coasts, she’d prefer a long distance relationship over being single. “’I’m a relationship girl. I would rather be in a long distance relationship with him than not have a relationship at all.”

Woops, well, she changed her mind on that one. Don’t start spreading rumors that Lea broke up with Theo because she was hooking up with one of her Glee co-stars. Lea would never fraternize with the mohawk guy, the wheelchair guy, or the freaky tall guy in real life. Those are Glee characters, by the way, I just don’t care enough to learn their names.

Lea showed up solo to the Emmy’s this weekend, but nobody assumed anything was wrong since she and Theo rarely walked the red carpet together. She then went to the FOX Emmy bash after the show and hung out with Glee co-star Amber Riley.

Lea also said she loved Theo because his sense of humor reminds her of her father, “My father makes me laugh. My sense of humor comes from him. But at the same time, I know he’s going to take care of everything. I see some of that in my boyfriend.”