‘Glee’ Cast Afraid to Talk to Lea Michele

August 8, 2013 By:
‘Glee’ Cast Afraid to Talk to Lea Michele

As previously reported, “Glee” has commenced filming its next season in the wake of Cory Monteith’s death. Production is currently on its third episode, one which creator Ryan Murphy and FOX executives have stated will directly address the actor’s passing, from referencing drug use to out-of-character PSAs reflecting on the actor’s life.

Now there are more details about just how they’ll weave this tragedy into the show’s narrative.

“They have been piecing together old footage [of “Glee”] to show the audience that Finn had secretly struggled with addiction,” a source close to shooting told Hollyscoop. “The whole episode will be two hours long and will deal with addiction and the death of Finn.”

Everyone’s been cooperating on set for the sorrowful episode, but it hasn’t exactly been easy either.

“It is really an odd vibe on set,” a source close to shooting told Hollyscoop. “Lea has always been the ringleader and now it’s almost like people are afraid to even talk to her. She has kept very quiet and all the rest of the cast are extremely supportive, but at the same time keeping their distance.”

“It’s still a really sad time on set,” added the source. “It is definitely not the same, but as time passes, I am sure this will change.”