Lawrence Taylor Vs. 16-Year Old Prostitute

May 6, 2010 By:
Lawrence Taylor Vs. 16-Year Old Prostitute

NFL star Lawrence Taylor was arrested today on suspicion of raping a 16-year-old young woman believed to be a prostitute, and was later released on $75,000 bail.

He’s been arraigned on charges of 3rd degree rape and patronizing a prostitute, but insists he’s innocent. Sources say he was “very cooperative” during his arraignment. Hmmm, as "cooperative" as last night, LT??

As for this girl now. We all want to know the same thing….who is she and how did LT and she meet up?! She’s 16-years-old for crying out loud! But we hear she is indeed a prostitute, and was working under the iron fist of a pimp, who set her up with Taylor. Girlfriend needs to find a better pimp, since she was only allegedly making $300 off this deal.

Lawrence Taylor Arrested for Statutory Rape

Plus, law enforcement officials claim the mystery girl’s face was busted and she had a black eye. But they came to the conclusion that LT did not attack her, and she arrived at his Holiday Inn hotel room looking that way. Hot.

The remaining question is, how did the police even find out this illegal sexual activity between the football great and the 16-year old runaway was going on? According to multiples sources, the girl, who has been missing from home since March, contacted her uncle via text message after the encounter with Taylor, and the uncle alerted police.

So either she was raped, and was genuinely scared and upset about it, or she’s taking notes from Tiger and Jesse’s girls about how to get famous by having sex with a married celebrity. She could have at least picked someone a little more prevalent. But with that black eye, we suppose her options were limited.

We’ll have to see how this plays out in court! But don’t be surprised if Gloria Allred has another client by this weekend.