Law & Order: Los Angeles In the Works

January 11, 2010 By:
Law & Order: Los Angeles In the Works

Spin-off shows are super hot right now, and the next one lined up may be a new Law & Order!

During the winter TCA Press Tour, NBC programming chief Angela Bromstad announced that the network is in talks with Law & Order creator Dick Wolf about introducing Law & Order: Los Angeles to television.

Bromstad said, “We’re talking about writers. Even if, for instance, Law & Order the mothership, didn’t go beyond another couple of years, that way of telling stories is so unique that I actually think it could work in Los Angeles with a new look and a new cast.”

NBC producers are currently working on hiring writers for a pilot. This would be the first Law & Order series in the franchise to travel outside New York. “We officially call that LOLA,” Jeff Gaspin, NBC Television Entertainment Chairman joked.

Do you think L & O could work in LA? It worked for NCIS!