Teen Vogue Gives Sneak Peek of Lauren Conrad's Book

May 18, 2009 By:
Teen Vogue Gives Sneak Peek of Lauren Conrad's Book

Just call her Lauren Conrad the author! She may be taking a break from The Hills, but LC has found a way to busy herself. She’s been working on a book loosely based her life called L.A. Candy, and Teen Vogue is giving their readers a sneak peek of the novel.

The book follows a young woman named Jane Roberts who moves to LA for an internship at an event planning company, and ends up getting her own reality show. Sound familiar?

It plays on the argument of whether or not The Hills is scripted, like with this following excerpt:

"Wait! Jane!" A man wearing an earpiece rushed up to her. "Hey, I'm Matt. I'm directing today's shoot."

What did he mean, directing? She thought they were just following her around. What needed to be directed?

"Hey. Sorry, Naomi said Fiona wants to talk to me."

"Yeah, we know. We just need a few minutes to set up," Matt explained, moving to the side as several crew members carrying cameras and other equipment passed them. "Her office looks beautiful, but it's all white. Makes it hard to shoot. They spent two hours lighting it this morning," Matt went on.

"What's wrong with white?" Jane asked.

"It just doesn't look great on camera. Color looks way better."

Jane looked down at the summery white lace dress she was wearing. Crap, she thought.

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