Spencer Shoots Back At Lauren

October 4, 2008 By:
Spencer Shoots Back At Lauren

The drama in the Hills is getting realllly good! Yesterday, it was a hills packed day as
rumors started going around that Lauren Conrad was trying to hook up with Audrina's on-again/off-again boyfriend Justin
Bobby. Lauren wrote a blog addressing the rumors and indirectly hinting that Spencer Pratt was the one who probably started spreading them.

Now it's become a war of words. Spencer is retaliating by talking to the press. "I guess I shouldn't be surprised anymore that LC would choose to try and blame something on me," Pratt told Us Weekly. "The truth is I was asked about this yesterday and chose to say absolutely nothing out of respect for Audrina's feelings. Why LC continues to bring me up whenever she gets into trouble is beyond me."

He added: "That being said, if it is true what she did with Justin, it doesn't surprise me. Anyone who watched Laguna Beach saw her trying to steal someone's boyfriend every week for 2 years. Honestly, I really think she needs to stop blaming someone who wants nothing to do with her for all of the problems she creates."

Meanwhile, MTV must have been quick on their feet because Audrina was seen hanging out and shooting scenes with Heidi Montag yesterday after she learned of the rumors. Finally some excitement on the Hills!