Spencer Confesses to Spreading Lauren Sex Tape Rumors

April 22, 2009 By:
Spencer Confesses to Spreading Lauren Sex Tape Rumors

The Hills is finally getting juicy again. If you happened to catch this weeks episode, Spencer Pratt will finally confess to spreading the sex tape rumors about Lauren Conrad and ex-Jason Wahler's sex tape.

As you guys recall, that very rumor was the cause of Lauren and Heidi Montag's fallout.

During the show, when asked if she still believes that it was Spencer who spread the rumor that she made a sex tape, Lauren said, "We have it on tape that he [Spencer] takes responsibility for it. Sorry. Spoiler!"

Lauren already said that she won't be attending the Speidi wedding that's due to take place this coming Saturday, so we're assuming she didn't accept Spencer's apology. “Um, those are not in my plans, no," she told MTV.

Do you think its time for Lauren and Heidi to finally put the past behind them and repair their friendship, or are you over it?