Letterman Puts Lauren In The Hot Seat

October 28, 2008 By:
Letterman Puts Lauren In The Hot Seat

The Hills star Lauren Conrad made another appearance on David Letterman's Show last night and Dave was all about getting the gossip.

When Lauren mentioned that the show was in season four, he asked where the time went and said, "When you started you were just a kid, and now - still a kid."

When asked about the on-air catfights, Lauren said that throughout the years, there had always been problems between everyone in the cast. In trying to get to the root of the issues, Dave quipped, "That raises the question...who is...maybe you're the problem, ya think?"

Lauren squirmed in her seat a little on that one. Our favorite part of the interview was seeing Dave clearly taking sides in the Lauren vs Heidi Montag wars. He actually said that he thought Heidi's man, Spencer Pratt, was a "weasel." Check out the rest of the interview below: