Lauren Talks About The Reality Of The Hills

September 5, 2008 By:
Lauren Talks About The Reality Of The Hills

Friends or Foe? The burning question on every Hills fans mind is whether or not Audrina Patridge is going to move out, and more importantly, if it's going to effect her friendship with Lauren Conrad.

Hollyscoop caught up with MTV's darling at the
90210 Nylon party Thursday night and got some scoop on the season.

Lauren tried hard to stay tight lipped about the season but she did confess, "If you saw the teaser, Adriana and I had a big fight and we were crying. They showed two episodes this week and that’s in the last one."

So how much of the show is actually reality? Audrina was on 'The View' earlier this week where she confessed that she was "picked" to be Lauren's friend and that they reshoot and or stage a lot of scenes for the show.

What's Lauren's take on it? "There’s certain things you have to do, that’s just how reality shows are. Working with a crew of 15, angles, cameras, people crossing over. There are certain things you have to redo to make it make sense."

Will their friendship make it to the next season? We'll just have to tune in to find out, but in the meanwhile, check out our exclusive interview with Lauren below...