Lauren Not Happy About Rumors

July 16, 2008 By:
Lauren Not Happy About Rumors

Lauren Conrad is not happy about the rumors that are going around about her today. Earlier today there were rumors that LC was reportedly paid $20,000 to make an appearance and walk the runway at Animal Fair mag's "Paws for Style," but when it came time to walk with a dog down the catwalk, she threw "a hissy fit" and "stormed off."

LC wrote a Myspace blog addressing all the rumors and it was quite sincere.

Read the blog below:

“I would like to address some of the internet rumors regarding what happened at an event I attended in New York on Tuesday. I was invited by “Animal Fair Magazine” to attend a charity event, “Paws For Style” fashion show. I have always been a supporter of animal causes. I own 2 rescue animals and this sounded like a great event. I agreed to pose for the cover of the magazine, host the event, do press at the event and donate clothing, all of which I did. I was not aware of any other commitments. I was not paid to attend the event and my hotel room was donated to the charity. I also made a voluntary donation to the Humane Society for more then the cost of my airfare so there would be no expense to the charity. I have always been responsible and keep my word on all commitments. I am extremely hurt and disappointed that Wendy Diamond would go to the press and attack me with untrue statements. Anyone who knows me, knows this is not the kind of person I am or who my parent’s raised me to be. It’s just embarrassing that people are saying these things about me. I was trying to do a good thing and help out a charity by doing everything I agreed to do. I continue to support the Humane Society, as it is a wonderful organization.”

Do you guys think Lauren would be bratty like that or is she being sincere?