Lauren Conrad's Ex Wasn't Impressed With The Hills

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Lauren Conrad\'s Ex Wasn\'t Impressed With The Hills
Lauren Conrad and boyfriend of 3 years, Kyle Howard called it quits last week because Howard wasn’t okay with Conrad’s reality TV career.

Because Howard is a real TV actor, he thought Lauren’s unscripted career was harming his own. “[Howard] saw the relationship as distracting from his goal of being the next Robert De Niro. He wasn’t supportive of her career.”

You know what’s also keeping you from your goal of being the next Robert De Niro? Your stint on TBS sitcom “My Boys.”

Kyle isn’t really one to talk, since “My Boys” was cancelled he’s only really done a made-for-TV movie. At least Lauren knows how to put bread on the table.

Apparently, Howard rarely attended Lauren’s events and didn’t spend much time with her friends. An insider reveals bitterly, “All of her friends can count on one hand the amount of time they’ve seen him.”

Lauren who usually comes across as an ice-queen is reportedly, “heartbroken,” adds the source. “She wants to be married and have kids.” Somehow I have a hard time believing that Lauren who looks uncomfortable just smiling would be good with kids. Oh well, she can always rebound with Brody Jenner, what’s he doing anyways? Dating Avril Lavigne? That’s weird.
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