Lauren Conrad Returning to The Hills

April 28, 2010 By:
Lauren Conrad Returning to The Hills

This will make Spencer Pratt’s blood boil—Lauren Conrad is rumored to be returning to The Hills this season! It is the last season of the series after all, and LC was the one who made the show famous.

Kristin Cavallari spilled the beans on the possible upcoming appearance, telling Access Hollywood, “I know that they’re trying to get her to [come back]. I don’t think anything is set in stone, but I hope that she does because I think that it would just be amazing.”

The Hills to End After Season 6

So the question is, will Lauren and Kristin be on good terms for the reunion? “Probably not for show purposes,” she said, adding, “I like Lauren a lot. We’ve just put everything behind us. You know, we were in high school when we didn’t like each other so we’ve both moved on from that.”

Don’t you just love how Kristin doesn’t even pretend that the show isn’t fake?? Speaking of, another thing she says is “made up” are those drug rumors.

“[There are] these drug rumors that are going on surrounding me. You’ll see all of it go down,” she said. “We went to Miami for Super Bowl weekend and I didn’t hang out with the girls one night, so they just decide to say that I’m on drugs. It’s ridiculous.”

“It’s not something to be taken lightly at all,” she said. “It’s been pretty difficult to deal with… I understand that we need drama for the show, but when it starts to affect my personal life… that’s when I’m not OK with it.”

Do you believe Kristin? What do you think of Lauren’s return?