Lauren Conrad Responds to Audrina's Mom

November 9, 2010 By:
Lauren Conrad Responds to Audrina's Mom

Lauren Conrad kinda-sorta in a typical-PG-way responded to Audrina Patridge’s mother drunkenly calling her a “bitch” during a rant to paparazzi a few days ago.

As you may recall, Audrina’s mom crawled out of whatever cave she’s been living in and unleashed her fury on The Hills girls, including Lauren, calling them all “tramps.”

Audrina's Mom Sorry for Drunken Rant

But Lauren brushed it off, and when asked if she thinks of Audrina as competition, she told Us Magazine, “No, I really don't think about it like that at all."

Audrina Patridge's Mom Goes On a Drunken Rampage

It was announced a few weeks ago that Audrina has her own reality show in the works, which will air on VH1. "I think it's good for her,” said Conrad.

LC sure knows how to stay out of the drama, because she refused to get down to Audrina’s mom’s level. "I really don't have a comment on that right now, thanks,” she said.

Just by the way she answered that, you know Lauren is pissed. I would be too! Lauren made Audrina famous! Her mom should feel like a total idiot right now. And we can’t help but wonder if there’s any drama between Lauren and Audrina behind the scenes.